Samsung SmartThings – a Review

Or why I’ve re-boxed mine already. So a few weeks back I was selected to be a beta tester for Samsung’s “SmartThings” and I was initially excited at the prospect – after all I’d had to fill out a ‘why me’ form and provide a security deposit. That was a new one for me but […]

Another 25 Things

I so enjoyed doing the first random 25 things about me that I decided to do another – but promise I won’t do another one for a long time … maybe! 1. I’m frequently accused of being “too happy” to be at work. 2. I still have my first ever teddy bear – it’s a […]

25 Things

I originally posted this on my church Tech blog but as I sold the name to an interested party I have had to move this here… So.. the original background is that I was tagged on Facebook, where I don’t do memes, to list 25 things about me. Instead I did them here. 1. I’ve […]