More skating ^_^

Well… I have to say, I have been uninspired and reinspired to keep skateboarding all in one week.

First of all, I was getting really annoyed at my lack of progress at the skatepark, but then when my mate JAG produced a video of the two of us (check it out on his blog HERE)  I actually thought it looked pretty swish ^_^So, he was getting down with some decent vert stuff, and I was failing at vert stuff, and eventually I just ended up recording all my Mullen-esque style tricks.

I have to say though… I really don’t like filming etc. I feel it takes away my freedom as a skateboarder, especially when I’m not a consistently good skater. If I knew I was quite good, and could do whatever I like whenever, I wouldn’t have a problem cos I’d just keep cruising in confidence. However, as I’m *not* very good, I feel almost a kind of peer pressure when being filmed. It’s weird…

So I’ll probably lay off filming completely for quite a long time. This may not stop some of my friends, who may film me anyway, and dive into bushes to hide whenever I look in their direction, but meh… As long as I don’t know they’re there, I can continue to skate with the freedom that I fell in love with in the first place.

And speaking of first love, I need to do some reorganising of my thoughts… recently, I’ve been getting mildly annoyed when tricks that I’ve been doing for years aren’t happening or if I can’t make a trick. I need to just sit back and think about the fact that there are some tricks I can do which others would have to work for years to make. I also need to remember why I started skateboarding. For the freedom it offered me as an individual skateboarder. My board, my world, my rules.

<3 skateboarding.

Peace out bros xx