Links of Interest

There are certain types of blog posts I  have always enjoyed reading and to this day that type still draws me in.

They typically have a two fold approach. First they are a short list and second they are links to other sites, other posts, other ideas that the blog author found interesting that week. So here I am introducing my own version of that. I’m aiming to do this type of post at least twice a month (maybe more) and one thing to clarify up front is that they won’t always be about this blogs core aim.

So onwards.

  1. Where is the fun in specializing as a photographer? A great read from Colby Brown and if you don’t want to read then just look at the stunning pictures.
  2. Turn Day Into Night in Photoshop. In this video tutorial Howard Pinsky takes you through converting a day time shot into a realistic night shot.
  3. Smart Travel Router. Need a world travel plug, USB charger and router in one small reasonably priced box? Then Satechi have you covered.
  4. Dublin City Guide. Only because I’m off here very shortly for a long weekend I’ve spent a fair bit of time on this site.


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