When Support Is Just Plain Wrong

Image courtesy of: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2617 Yes folks, I’m still alive.

As someone that has worked in the support side of a technical field for almost 3o years I find that sometimes the advice that support people or pages put out is so wrong that it has to be documented.

So when my new Google Nexus 4 phone and my slightly older Nexus 7 tablet have an identical issue with one specific app I suspect there’s one of two issues at play.

– either the app doesn’t play nice with Nexus kit

– or the Nexus kit doesn’t play nice with the app.

Within those two options are a myriad of sub-options but they all boil down to that in reality. So I head off to the app support page – and the only clue you get as to the App itself is that they recently tweeted that “The xyzApp is about to hit #100million installs!” – anyway, a quick search in their knowledge base brings me to a page titled “xyzApp will not open”.

On it are 5 steps you can try – step 3 says to power off the device, leave it a few minutes and then try again. OK, this one I get and can understand but the next step leaves me speechless:

Power off the device and leave it off overnight.  Then retry.


Yes, you read that right. Overnight.

Sorry people but powering off an otherwise normally functioning device overnight does not solve a software / hardware clash. I get the power cycle as it clears gunk out of RAM, etc and gives one a clean slate. I even get removing the battery for a few seconds to completely shut down the device and clear any residual trace of power that may somehow hang on to something that may just affect the normal working of an App.

But please … do tell me what powering off overnight achieves?

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