Assassins Creed III – a different view


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I like games.

And I love the Assassins Creed type of game. Or at least I did.

AC3 so far has been a right royal tour of ‘not agains‘ or ‘just what is the purpose of this‘ or ‘why‘ coming from my mouth. Mainstream media outlets typically appear to love it giving it on average 6/10 – myself, I’d have to apply a different scale.

Beauty – 9/10
Blood & Guts – 9/10
Size of Game 10/10
Action Sequences 5/10
Control System – 5/10
Overall Gameplay  – 3/10

It is undoubtedly a game that will take many hours, or weeks in my case, to complete but unlike it’s predecessor I sadly see me running out of patience with it and either selling on eBay or giving to another family member.

For a start there is no real information provided with the game and if this is your first intro to the AC series then you’re going to be lost the first time you are asked to do an air assassination. The first, so the mag and online reviews say, 5 to 10 hours of gameplay are seriously tedious. You hop from a short ‘do this’ action sequence to watching a cut-scene and not all of the cut scenes can be skipped. For me, a veteran of the AC series (which to date I have loved) this process is seriously frustrating. I just want to play a game and not listen to Ubisoft’s re-working of history.

Next up is the the control system – which has allegedly had an overhaul to make it better. Only trouble is I have yet to find any clear description on how to use the control system. As an example, you get introduced to the new way of hiring and controlling assassins reasonably early on and you quite often get an on-screen prompt that urges you to call for help – only trouble being that when you try to, then unless all you ever do is play games then the system is a nightmare to work out.

I’m not alone in my opinion either:

IGN: “…but it’s not consistently brilliant. Not everything about the game gels together convincingly and the missions’ unnecessary prescriptiveness sometimes undermines the sense of freedom that the rest of the game works so hard to create.

EuroGamer: “It’s true that the game mechanics and engine are showing their age in places. Riding a horse through the Frontier is a constant frustration as it seems to snag on every rock, branch and tuft of flora. Racing through cities on foot can be fraught as well,

gamesTM: “and it soon becomes abundantly clear that Ubisoft’s self-indulgent fascination with its own storytelling impedes the gameplay on a fundamental level.

And so on they go.

All of these sites rightly praise the quality of the coding for creating such a large open world to explore, but it’s tedious, extremely frustrating and ultimately I don’t see me completing it.

I say save your money and treat someone to a meal instead.

EDIT: Having nearly completed AC: Black Flag I strongly urge anyone that is new to this franchise to skip AC3 and jump straight to Black Flag. Your pocket will thank you if nothing else.

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