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Here’s to 2013.

I usually do an annual family newsletter and eCard. This year I don’t have the energy or willingness to do one. For those that know this is probably understandable. For those that don’t then please read on – I will do a very brief overview of the year, but you’ll have to read between the […]

Family Tree Update

The family tree is now back up and working.

However, I have had to change the backend software – once you are logged in there is no real difference in how it is used as it is based on the old version however it is significantly improved.

The downside is that everybody’s accounts are lost and you will need to re-apply for an account. I’m going to go through my old eMails and see if I can’t re-creat accounts for everyone but apologies if I miss you. Simply apply as per last time and I will approve.

The other aspect is that some data may once again be wrong – but I shall go through from my records and the latest received from Chris and see if I can’t correct them. In the meantime do feel free to correct yourselves.


I find I’m forgetting to update this site. But then I also don’t know how many of you actually read this stuff and whether my efforts here are wasted or not? I suppose I ought to intsall analytics and then at least I’d know if I was being visited. Alternatively you could just let me […]

Red Belt

My red belt test is either imminent or I’ve 4 months to wait. Only Wednesday and how well I perform (or don’t) in training will decide whether next Saturday I step up to the plate and do my red belt test. If I fall short it will be entirely my fault. If I do fall […]

As 2011 Fades

… then so it is time for our annual update. Last year I said you need to read this blog for updates but then got totally sidetracked in not providing many – my last post How To Find Me goes some way to explaining the why but in reality events that happened I just forgot […]

How to Find Me.

If you’re here seeking an update and it’s been a while, then here’s how to find out what’s going on in our lives. – Facebook for those up to the minute family things, birthday greetings, etc … – Google+ for all my published pictures and pretty much anything else – 1 a Day for all […]

Been a while

It’s been a while since my last update and to be honest I’ve been concentrating on my other web properties. Please do have a look: – my photo a day blog. – or Panoptic. Though truth be told the writing aspect has very much taken a back seat, so here’s a quick roundup. Owen is […]

1986 In Words

What does 1986 mean to you? – I was 23 (for most of it) – Some of the musical hits of 1986 were “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco and “Take my breath away” by Berlin. – Lovejoy made its first appearance, as did Bread and Brush Strokes. – The space shuttle Challenger exploded killing all […]