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More Sayings of a 6yr Old

On a recent car journey Jenna had brought along a general knowledge quiz book.
As happens with siblings Coel threw a bit of a strop when we were answering before him or came out with comments such as “I was just about to say that” – knowing full well that he didn’t haveĀ  clue. Anyway, next […]

Tag Rugby

Jenna recently took part in a Tag Rugby competition.
She complained that she didn’t play in all the games – however in the bits she did play she ended up playing more than Owen ever did in all the times he wanted to play when Pencoed Comp let him down.
Anyway, here’s a picture of her in […]

My Pond

I’ve been asked about my pond so many times that I’ve decided to blog about it and then I can just say to folks – go look at my blog!.
The pictures don’t really do it justice for size as I don’t have a camera that does wider angles well. When the length, width and average […]

Manchester 1985

Liz Dyckhoff has kindly written an article to go on the website that covers the “Dyckhoff Centenary” party / reunion that took place in 1985.
Click the link to see the whole text – pictures are to follow in due course.

Things Children Say

So Jenna and Coel have dcided what they are giving up for Lent …
Jenna’s choice – Coco Pops. Considering this is her default breakfast of choice this is a big deal for her. Coel on the other hand hadn’t quite grasped the idea behind Lent as he has decided to give up playing with his […]

Caring / Not.

At what point should one stop caring about the actions of a child?
Kathryn and I have brought our three children up to respect themselves and others.
We understand experimentation and especially the learning from any said experiments.
We also pray that certain, can one call them experiments, never take place.
But when one of your children refuses to […]

Sayings of a 6yr Old

This could also fit into a category of “things not to laugh at when sat round the dinner table” …
Yesterday Coel told us his latest joke ….
Q: Where don’t pirates like to be kicked?

A: In the Arrrse!

Christmas 2008

So, Christmas is here again and it would seem that this year has slipped by without, once again, us seeing a fair number of you. For that we are sorry but also humbled at the wide circle of family and friends. Also this year we are attempting to be a little bit greener and not […]

Owen ghosts in ?

So Owen arrived home last night for the first time since starting at University.
I saw him for long enough to recognise he’s happy, he’s grown a beard and he was wearing his Aber Comp-Sci sweatshirt. Then almost as soon as he’d arrived, two friends arrived to whisk him away.
Good to see you son!