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It never rains but it pours as the saying goes – and this blog is like that. Nothing to say for months and then two items in one day.

Recently I have had contact from a “Christopher Reiderer” a descendant of my great-great grandparents (in other words Carl’s parents) but obviously one that took a different tack from ours. Between the two of us we have quite a comprehensive electronic front end to the family tree. His is using a graphically pretty service called ItsOurTree but is has some limitations that are stopping us merging his tree and mine together. However, he has shared some of the armorials he has come across / collected over the years, and these are presented below.

To see a larger version of each, simply click on the picture and it will open the larger version.

A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial

10th Anniversary Production

Late notice I know, but then lets at least put this site to some use shall we.

Martin, Sarah and family are in a re-run of Godspell. 10 years ago I (and my good friend Jeff) attended the first run of Godspell and even stayed the night at the family home. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Anyway, this year the drama group they belong to – Inter Church Productions – is staging an 10th anniversary celebration by re-running it and this time round the entire clan Martin are in the musical.

Performances are October 28th through to November 1st (half term week) at 7.45pm with a Saturday afternoon performance as well at 2.30pm. The venue is St Mary’s Parish Church in Thame and tickets are a maximum of £12.50. You can bookthrough, I guess, Martin and Sarah but I’m sure they’d prefer us to use the box office number of: 01844 354263

Two Weeks and Counting

So Owen has been gone for two weeks now but to be honest it doesn’t feel like he’s actually left yet!
What with the daily text messages, phone calls and skype sessions he may as well be here. Some of his calls have been along the lines of:

how do I re-heat frozen egg fried rice?
I have […]

A Levels Part II

For those who don’t live in the South Wales area and in particular for those that don’t read the Glamorgan Gazette then here is the extract from last weeks edition ….
Mr Davies highlighted the achievements of Owen Dyckhoff, who gained four B grades at A level despite a severe hearing impairment.
Even more remarkably, he suffered […]

History Part Deux

OK, have managed to resolve the issue with the sidebar showing all the history pages as ‘recent posts’ and also in not having them show up as multiple menu buttons at the top.

Feel free to read and confirm that it is all intact and correct and hopefully the Manchester and Holland sections will have content sometime in the not too distant future.


I’m working on a way of getting Aunt Ruth’s history online without everyone also having to login to see it. Unfortunately I’m battling with this whilst trying to do all the things I must do first.

So please be patient with me – the information is there but at present it is private.

eFamily Tree Launched

I think the heading says it all.

I am happy to release the electronic version of the family tree to the greater Dyckhoff family and have today sent an eMail to as many of the family that I have details for. Unfortunately 5 of them bounced almost immediately but as of writing this I have 3 members of the family signed up for the eTree.

To access it, just click on the family tree link.