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We celebrated Christina’s birthday on Thursday, which was slightly (I’m sorry!) overshadowed by being nine months pregnant. Fortunately this means that every day from now with no baby means one more day between their birthdays, which is only a good thing.



We have spent a couple of days every month for the last few months finding stuff for, and finally preparing, baby Cameron’s room. Thankfully one of the rooms in the house we are renting was the perfect size, and already painted a nice lavender.


On show are a great crib (cot, thanks Roy and Cecilia!), a collection of random things we have found for the wall including a

ODST in Redmond

Yesterday was one month to the day to the release of the most recent game I have been working on, Halo 3: ODST. To celebrate this, excite the fans and generally drum up some good press, Microsoft has constructed a traveling show of ODST, which is going to tour the United States for the next few weeks allowing fans to play some portions of the game a little in advance.


Baby Shower

This Saturday we held a baby shower, hosted by our gracious friends Eric and Chloe at their house in Sammamish. A load of our close friends descended on Eric’s house around 4pm, where we embarked on a voyage of homemade strawberry lemonade, burgers, onion rings, tuna sandwiches and cupcakes.


Most of these pictures are taken with our fantastic new Nikon D40, which I am

I’m Melting

It’s officially extremely hot in Western Washington. In a state which sees less than 15 days a year with a temperature above 80F (27C), we have now had temperatures in excess of 100F (38C) for the last couple of days. The low today so far was 71F (22C) which means we woke up and it was hot, despite the air conditioning.

Thankfully, we do have a portable air conditioner in the bedroom which

Chelsea and No Doubt

Bungie, in an incredibly generous manner, has five season tickets for the local Seattle football team (soccer, that is), the Sounders. Through some complicated process these tickets are distributed to those wanting, and this weekend our luck came up: we received two tickets to see the Sounders get destroyed by Chelsea.

In all fairness, the Sounders put up a valiant effort considering they were

Coldplay at The Gorge

Our excitement this weekend was heading out to The Gorge to watch Coldplay perform live in concert, the first of two major concerts we are attending in the space of a week.


The Gorge is perhaps the most phenomenal location for a concert in the country; perched high above a gorge created by the massive Columbia River below. Completely surrounded by farmland and wilderness

Back to School

This week, Christina and I have started “Childbirth Preparation” classes at the University of Washington Medical Centre. The classes are two hours every Wednesday evening for six weeks, and are intended to prepare us for the horror joy of childbirth in a couple of months time. We even took our own pillow.

The first week covered lots of details about the stages of labour, honestly most of which

Internet Famous

One of the regular articles which Bungie publishes on our website is the “Broken/Breaking In” series, which introduces the public to one of our employees and lets them put the fear of God into potential new employees.

Anyway, this week it was my turn, and you may read all about it here. There is a corresponding comments thread which you can reach through the “Discuss” link on the news item,

Lunchbox Laboratory

Our excitement this weekend, after a couple of our friends from Canada had visited for Saturday and Sunday morning, was in the form of a restaurant in distant Ballard called Lunchbox Laboratory.

Situated right next to a ridiculously busy road, in a run down building verging on “shack” status, Lunchbox Laboratory lived up to everything we had heard of it. It was prepared with scientific