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Wedding Dinner

As I said earlier, we had dinner after the wedding. Here are some shots, again by my friend Drew, of the dinner we had at Pearl in Bellevue. It was delicious!



As, I think, everyone knows by now, Christina and I got married this weekend. It was a very small and private event; just six of our friends were in attendance. Present were KP, ring bearer; Catherine, baby Cameron’s godmother; Eric and Chloe, baby Cameron’s godfather and his girlfriend; Chad, flower girl; and Drew, photographer.

The ceremony took place in a judge’s office in downtown Kirkland

Woodland Park Zoo

We originally planned to go to Eric’s and deconstruct his play structure in the back yard today, but that got called off so we went to the zoo instead.


Woodland Park Zoo is in North Seattle, about 20 minutes from our home, and has everything from penguins to jaguars. It was fun, despite the screaming children and foreign tourists blocking up all the exhibits.

There was

Memorial Day Weekend

This is a long weekend, thanks to Memorial Day on Monday. We celebrated this holiday of remembering things by heading over to Eric’s for a bit of BBQ with some friends. We took with us our doughnut haul from Voodoo, and some kabobs and hotdogs for ourselves.


After food we played a game which involved two Japanese girls killing zombies with big swords, in which you had to


We drove down to Portland on Saturday, taking Brooklyn with us and leaving the other dogs at home. We had two main goals in mind:

Get Sonic Drive In burgers.
Get doughnuts from Voodoo.

Both of these were accomplished with ease, and we even found some time to wander around downtown Portland and walk along the river!


Flight of the Conchords at the Paramount

On Monday Christina and I went with our friend (and my recent co-worker!) Yorke to see the musical comedy duo “Flight of the Conchords” at the Paramount theatre in Seattle. Yes, I am very slow at updating the blog!

They were preceded by the excellent comedian, and co-star on their TV show, Arj Barker, who was truly funny and one of the better comedians I have seen in my time. The show itself

New House

We got the keys to our new house, which we are leasing, this weekend.

It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as two living rooms, a dining room and a nice kitchen. One of the bedrooms is even painted purple so we can use it as the nursery for the baby!


I took yesterday afternoon off work to head over and surprise Christina with a dozen roses and a beautiful engagement ring. Happily she said yes! We’ve had a bit of an unorthodox relationship to date so we’re trying to rectify this.

I won’t go into details on the ring, but suffice to say I managed to find a diamond which was excellent quality. It looks amazing in the sun. The jewelers where

Still a girl!

We had another ultrasound yesterday, because last time the baby was lying in an awkward posture so we couldn’t see all her insides correctly, specifically her right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) and a profile picture to see if she had a cleft lip or not.

Well, she does have an RVOT and her face looks pretty normal! And she’s still a girl, thankfully. We got a couple of sweet new

Baby Registries

So I know that baby registries aren’t something we do a lot in the UK, but it’s extremely useful for Christina and I to organise our thoughts, as well as let our friends and family know what things we are wanting and make sure we don’t double up on too much stuff.

To that end, here are our two baby registries! There are lots of clothes and lots of necessities like cribs and baths and stuff. If