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Baby Clothes

Here is the first load of baby clothes that we’ve bought. We have a big box which we’re filling with stuffs for the first few months, including toys and books and clothes.

It’s a girl!

Christina had her third ultrasound on Tuesday, which was mostly to check out that all the anatomy was present and correct, but we got to find out the sex of the baby too; we’re having a cute little baby girl!

This means we get to start buying gender appropriate clothes and things! We celebrated by getting a bedazzled ruffle butt onesie and a green horse.

Lady Gaga at the Showbox

We started off our summer of music by going to see the up and coming Lady Gaga on Monday evening. It was a cold and windy night and sadly we got there too late to get into the bar to wait for the show to open, and instead stood in the rain for 45 minutes getting to know the three teenage girls and two gay guys next to us in line.

There were three increasingly bad opening acts; “Cinema Bizarre”

Winter 2008

Well there’s no exciting news about the peanut for a few more weeks, so here are some pictures from the last six weeks or so. Seattle is a great place and Christina and I both have interesting gastronomic desires, and we have been known to travel to great lengths for food.

Additionally, we are lucky enough to live near the Cascades so snow and mountains are only a short car journey away.

Big News

Perhaps this will DRIVE some visitors to my blog.

Christina and I found out on Christmas Eve that we are expecting a baby on August 24th. Obviously this wasn’t planned but we had talked about it before the event and after much discussion we decided, independently, that we were excited and that it was what we want.

I’ll keep everyone informed through email and suchlike. Everyone can come and