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Does Money Matter

Bottom line the answer has to be yes, money matters. But let me expand. It matters that I have enough money to pay my bills. It matters that I have enough money to feed my family. It matters that I have enough money to pursue at least some of my interests. It matters that I […]

Remembering Mum

Today in the UK is Mothers Day – also known as Mothering Sunday. It’s been almost 18yrs since my mum passed away but there’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of her. My mum passed away aged 60yrs and 3days on June 1st 1994. Today I posted a little note on G+ […]

Dumb Software Requirements

Is there a word for someone who is constantly downloading and trying new software? No. Oh well, if there was then that would likely describe me. I guess you could liken me to Homer Simpson in that the newest, latest, shiny thing will easily distract me. So it was with excitement that I downloaded “Smart […]

Training Plan

As regular followers will know (even though I don’t post regularly) I am a huge martial arts fan. As a youngster I trained in Judo from the age of 6 or 7 right through until I was 22 with a couple of years away due to the un-stable lifestyle I had at the time. I’ve […]