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Science and Christianity

When we get down to “serious” discussions a number of my current and past work colleagues have often queried how I as a man of faith can also be a man of science. To put it another way, how can science and religion co-exist? Let me start this by saying that I don’t have all […]


It’s amazing, or at least I find it so, just how much someones perception of ones attitude can be so wrong. In times gone past I know I’ve come over as arrogant, or too pushy or talking down to people. However, equally as long ago whilst I knew this wasn’t my intention I had to […]

Free Image Resources

Every blog or website, in my opinion, needs images. They break the text up. They help to convey meanings. They help to strengthen what is being said and They help to draw readers deeper in in the first place. The trouble is most of us aren’t expert photographers or even have access to the right […]

Hate Your Job?

Let me be clear on this … I like my job I truly do. But as Michael Hyatt points out, we all have times that try and challenge us in any job. I’ve just finished reading a superb blog post by Michael called “What to do When You Hate Your Job” . His main points […]


I came across this Chinese proverb today: “Better to be too skeptical than to be too trusting“. For some reason it really set me to thinking and specifically about tithing – as the blog heading shouts out. As a child I attended Roman Catholic churches and always saw my father giving and I was always […]