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I’m Being Fleeced!

As I sit and type I have – or rather my bank account – has been fleeced to the tune of £670.31 thus far.
The back story is this … late last night at approx 23:30 I logged n to one of many eMail accounts. I have those I use for family, friends and official business, […]

More skating ^_^

Well… I have to say, I have been uninspired and reinspired to keep skateboarding all in one week.

First of all, I was getting really annoyed at my lack of progress at the skatepark, but then when my mate JAG produced a video of the two of us (check it out on his blog HERE)  I actually thought it looked pretty swish ^_^So, he was getting down with some decent vert stuff, and I was failing at vert stuff, and eventually I just ended up recording all my Mullen-esque style tricks.

I have to say though… I really don’t like filming etc. I feel it takes away my freedom as a skateboarder, especially when I’m not a consistently good skater. If I knew I was quite good, and could do whatever I like whenever, I wouldn’t have a problem cos I’d just keep cruising in confidence. However, as I’m *not* very good, I feel almost a kind of peer pressure when being filmed. It’s weird…

So I’ll probably lay off filming completely for quite a long time. This may not stop some of my friends, who may film me anyway, and dive into bushes to hide whenever I look in their direction, but meh… As long as I don’t know they’re there, I can continue to skate with the freedom that I fell in love with in the first place.

And speaking of first love, I need to do some reorganising of my thoughts… recently, I’ve been getting mildly annoyed when tricks that I’ve been doing for years aren’t happening or if I can’t make a trick. I need to just sit back and think about the fact that there are some tricks I can do which others would have to work for years to make. I also need to remember why I started skateboarding. For the freedom it offered me as an individual skateboarder. My board, my world, my rules.

<3 skateboarding.

Peace out bros xx

My first post

here, it is… the most lame cheesy thing I could possibly say just to start my blog off. ^_^

Well… just so you know, I’ll probably be using this blog mainly as a way of communicating to others how my life is going. If something particularly cool happens to me, I’ll let you guys know :)

Also, I’m quite likely to post short epitaphs on something awesome I may have learnt that day in lectures, and I’m almost certainly gonna be keeping people posted on my skateboarding stuff as well (hopefully with pictures ^_^).

So that’s the plan…

I’ll keep you all posted.

Until then, peace out xx



It never rains but it pours as the saying goes – and this blog is like that. Nothing to say for months and then two items in one day.

Recently I have had contact from a “Christopher Reiderer” a descendant of my great-great grandparents (in other words Carl’s parents) but obviously one that took a different tack from ours. Between the two of us we have quite a comprehensive electronic front end to the family tree. His is using a graphically pretty service called ItsOurTree but is has some limitations that are stopping us merging his tree and mine together. However, he has shared some of the armorials he has come across / collected over the years, and these are presented below.

To see a larger version of each, simply click on the picture and it will open the larger version.

A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial
A Dyckhoff Armorial


I’m working on a way of getting Aunt Ruth’s history online without everyone also having to login to see it. Unfortunately I’m battling with this whilst trying to do all the things I must do first.

So please be patient with me – the information is there but at present it is private.

eFamily Tree Launched

I think the heading says it all.

I am happy to release the electronic version of the family tree to the greater Dyckhoff family and have today sent an eMail to as many of the family that I have details for. Unfortunately 5 of them bounced almost immediately but as of writing this I have 3 members of the family signed up for the eTree.

To access it, just click on the family tree link.