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I’ve decided that I will not be updating this blog for the time being. It’s begun to take up too much
of my time to
cross-post from Google+ to here and ensure timely updates.

Consequently, as of this posting I will no longer be adding my new #oneaday images here.

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Remembering Mum

Today in the UK is Mothers Day – also known as Mothering Sunday. It’s been almost 18yrs since my mum passed away but there’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of her. My mum passed away aged 60yrs and 3days on June 1st 1994. Today I posted a little note on G+ […]


My wife had these made many years ago – shows true love to have ones names put on a pair of bobbins.
Shot with my #lensbaby using the f4 aperture disc and makes this image 76.366 in +Creative 366 Project#creative366project #oneaday


Bleak Landscape

How green was my valley?

8 second exposure of a bleak Welsh hillside with a factory pumping out smoke and the silent landscape stalkers (aka pylons).

Day 75.366 +Creative 366 Project#creative366project #oneaday

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Full Metal Daffodil

Snapped this urban guerilla daffodil from the car window – simply the largest daffodil I’ve seen… ever!

Image 73.366 in +Creative 366 Project#creative366project #oneaday

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Gummy Bear Assault Course

After Mr Green’s earlier heroics the other Gummy Bears decided he could tackle the honey nut loop tyre challenge first.

Day 72.366 +Creative 366 Project#creative366project #oneaday and also #propshots

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Coffee Eyes

It’s another slow day for me so my imagination runs riot instead – looks like my coffee is watching me. But I ask,
who’s watching the coffee? Sharing this as my day68.366 image for +Creative 366 Project #creative366project
#oneaday and also as part of +Jason Kowing#coffeethursday theme.

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Hand held lensbaby macro shot of my youngest son’s eye – it wasn’t until afterwards that I realised I was also in the shot.

Image 64.366 in +Creative 366 Project #creative366project #oneaday

#macro #lensbaby

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