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Family Tree Update

The family tree is now back up and working.

However, I have had to change the backend software – once you are logged in there is no real difference in how it is used as it is based on the old version however it is significantly improved.

The downside is that everybody’s accounts are lost and you will need to re-apply for an account. I’m going to go through my old eMails and see if I can’t re-creat accounts for everyone but apologies if I miss you. Simply apply as per last time and I will approve.

The other aspect is that some data may once again be wrong – but I shall go through from my records and the latest received from Chris and see if I can’t correct them. In the meantime do feel free to correct yourselves.

History Part Deux

OK, have managed to resolve the issue with the sidebar showing all the history pages as ‘recent posts’ and also in not having them show up as multiple menu buttons at the top.

Feel free to read and confirm that it is all intact and correct and hopefully the Manchester and Holland sections will have content sometime in the not too distant future.