This site was originally my playground. You can now find me over here.

When I say ‘my’ I mean ‘Stuart Dyckhoff‘ and naturally I am a part of the larger UK based (mostly) Dyckhoff clan. So I guess the real question is why did I decide to move to encompassing the rest of the clan as I know them.

  • Well part of the reason is that as a clan, we are getting to a size now that I simply don’t know some, have never met or just don’t see them often enough to do justice. And this is one way of helping to track them.
  • Secondly, I wanted to pick up the ball, so to speak, that former generations have so ably managed to date of looking after the family tree. It is my hope that this site will galvanise the younger Dyckhoff’s to maintain their own history or at least to appreciate where they have come from. That includes myself and my generation of Dyckhoff’s.
  • Next, I wanted a way to digitise the data we have so far and to be able to make it interactive and updateable
  • Finally as part of a college course that I completed in 2007 I had to create or makeover a website for one of my modules. What better time or opportunity did I need to get started.

And so here we are.

A brief word about the site structure:

It originally started as a totally hand-coded and hand-crafted mostly in Dreamweaver and Photoshop but it never really lived up to what I wanted it to be. Certainly it got me the result I needed in my college course, That was version 1.1 but it was only ever going to be a stop gap until such a time as I could knuckle down and re-do the makeover.

What you currently see is what I’m calling “Dyckhoff 2.0” – well it fits with the times I guess.

The current draft is a WordPress based site that allows me greater flexibility in whom has access to what including whom can post and so on. It also allows me to change the design quite literally at the click of a few mouse buttons – so don’t be surprised if you come back one day and the theme is totally different.

The final part and probably the bit I’m fighting with most is to get the family tree online in such a way that it provides a useful tool for the casual passer by but with logging in, it provides a great depth of family history that simply won’t be available to the general public.

June 2008 Edit: Unfortunately I am unable to find a plugin that works with WordPress directly so the family tree is up and working but there are restrictions, namely:

  • no integration between a user on here and a user in the family tree application
  • no continuity of theme
  • after discussion it would seem that some of the family are wary about letting all the information go public – to that end one has to register to access the family tree and I shall restrict this to family only unless there is a good and valid reason for a member of the public to have access.

So, here we are, June 2008 and most of the bits are now in place. Perhaps one of the younger generations who is better at coding than I am (not hard) would care to work out how to integrate a GEDcom file with a WordPress blog platform?

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